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Today's Date: Currency Index presents a general overview ‘snapshot’ of a country’s currency under review. The 'Currency Index' is a continually running research project by our firm. It is important to note that does undertake extensive research from a vast array of sources in order to get a clearer picture of the currency in question. All relevant information is subjectively inputted into the regression model to formulate a general score for visitors to the currency index. The regression model consists of three major sections each with equal weight under the categories of ‘POLITICAL’, ‘ECONOMIC’ AND ‘POLICY’. Each of these three sections is then subdivided into approximately 15 categories with differentiating weights. The regression model provides for a score from ‘0’ (dangerous - poor) to ‘100’ (very sound currency) based on the subjective ranking of each category prepared and ranked by staff. Our measure of ‘Currency Safeness’ is a subjective evaluation providing a ranking score that believes gives the reader a better representation of the currency under review. ‘Currency Safeness’ is the likelihood risk of a significant currency depreciation or currency collapse.


Here is an example, our gold call in September 2004 that remains 100% correct to this day:

Country / Currency
Very Safe
GOLD ounces (XAU)
97 à
Gold is the oldest currency and most trusted currency of time. The lure of gold still mystifies the masses with its unique properties, elegance and lust. For the most part, gold is rare. Historically, an estimated total of only 147,000 tonnes of gold have been mined of which 33,000 tonnes are controlled by the world’s central banks and the other 114,000 tonnes are in private ownership. This total amount of gold in existence can fit into a cube measuring only 80 feet.

Some analysts have suggested that the instability within the fiat global monetary system will return gold to the forefront of the world monetary system by providing that much needed anchor of stability. From 1930-2004, the US-dollar ‘USD’ for the most part has served as reserve currency for the world with the British pound prior to the Great Depression of 1930 playing that role. Today, gold may very well be the next currency of choice for hundreds of millions of consumers. Gold is the currency of last resort that has tested the history of time, the only currency that has survived as paper fiat currencies come and go with the government of the day. Financial panics may re-occur to some monetary systems similar to what happened in Argentina three years ago when the economy and Argentine peso imploded. If the public loses complete faith in their currency and monetary system with the continuation of global debasement of many fiat currencies now a common phenomenon, gold may very well play an important currency role in the 21st century.

For further facts, figures and information regarding gold bullion ‘XAU’ and the outlook for gold as researched by, please click the gold coin below. Thank you.
UPDATED: September 10, 2004

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Below, is another example of our continual research project within our 'Currency Index' with an updated review of a much smaller economy and currency for Fiji completed in March 2015.

FIJI (FJD) dollar
41 à
This scenic South Pacific country is home to 332 islands, it is considered one of the most developed countries in the Pacific although it has been historically plagued with political instability and deep-rooted ethnic divisions

How has the Fijian dollar ‘FJD’ performed amongst all this disarray?

For a summary review of some of the developments taking place within Fiji and its currency, the Fijian dollar, please click the flag below. Thank you for reading the currency opinion of
UPDATED: March 20, 2015

The study of a large number of micro, small and middle sized economies that we research and document in our currency index are essential in helping our critical thinking for larger currency zones.

In the future, the movement towards regional currency blocs will take hold amongst a large number of currencies with similar trading relationships. One only has to take a look at Europe and the common currency zone of the Euro (EUR). An example of other present day circulating currency zones include Africa which has the CFA Franc for several countries in Western Africa whilst the Caribbean region has the East Caribbean dollar currency zone (XCD). sees the world dividing into several more regional currency blocs including Russia, United States - more USD dollarization countries to take place, China, Japan, Middle East - perhaps an Islamic gold dinar, ultimately a Mercosur trading and currency zone in South America. Regional currency blocs in our view will be a growing popular currency trend as the world of banking & finance evolves in the 21st century. Also, it is just as vitally important to keep an eye on the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and decisions related to world central bank reserve currencies. 

Our currency index research commenced in year 1999 and remains as an important research tool for our currency studies. Currency research is a non-stop endeavor as our firm frequently updates countries and their respective currencies on our internal currency index database.

Our primary focus is the major currencies although middle sized and smaller economies play an important role in better understanding the major currencies such as the US-dollar, Japanese yen, China renminbi, United Kingdom pound and the Euroland euro. More exotic and smaller economies and their currencies include the likes of Sao Tome & Principe dobra, Ghanian cedi whilst middle sized economies include countries / currencies such as the Venezuelan bolivar, Saudi Arabian riyal, Philippines peso, etc. 

Of particular importance are the factors of technology in the world today coupled with energy / hydrocarbon production of each currency zone. After years of monitoring economic patterns, historical foreign currency exchange valuations and both macro-economic and technological events that have impacted the world's currencies, our firm indeed has garnered vast knowledge and a much better understanding on currency movements.

We have the ability to provide our background research of all 150 + currencies presently trading in the world today with competent accurate reports that can be sent via email.

Today in a 21st century global digital world, the management of foreign exchange rate risk is critical for both individuals and companies in order to mitigate unanticipated currency price variances. provides currency research, currency opinions and global banking strategies as vehicle(s) to help manage this risk. Global banking strategies are implemented by our bank recommendations and private bank introductions consulting services.

In our view, it is prudent for wealthy individuals and companies today with global business operations to have more than one currency opinion from different sources of currency experts.

For further information on learning more about our currency opinions and currency research, please contact us directly:


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