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Check out the latest information on banking and currency news. Currency Index.

The Currency Index has in depth information on individual countries and their currencies from around the world!

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Welcome to (herein ''), your Internet leader for currency research / currency consulting and international bank introductions. Our firm provides a bank recommendations consulting service for those individuals and businesses seeking to open U.S. bank accounts. We also provide bank introductions services for Switzerland plus other banking regions on request. Here at, we remain excited about our research and focus on the study of currency risk management. Complimentary of, all of our web site visitors can scroll through our Currency Index and currency conversion rates on the CURRENCY INDEX section of this web site. Please check back often for our subjective currency rankings on the world's currencies and invites you to stay current on the world's exchange rates.

Currency Consulting

A significant portion of our business is entirely focused on the study and knowledge of currency valuations of the world's major currencies such as US dollar, Euroland euro, Japanese yen, etc.. Here at, we provide currency consulting services primarily for only companies and other organizations on a worldwide basis. Many corporations today earn their income from several currency jurisdictions as they have operations and sales in more then one country. Although a company might have a very profitable core business, quite often, many businesses will report significant currency exchange losses on their income statements.

The value of currencies change, interest rates fluctuate, the inevitable threat of inflation or deflation, laws for taxation and regulations come and go with the government of the day. We have invested several years in this study of currencies, it is our knowledge on currencies that we offer on a consulting basis to corporations and small to medium sized business globally. Please click our KNOWLEDGE section for greater detail on our currency consulting services.


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