Home   |  About Us  |  What's New   Open a Bank Account   Currency Index  |  Knowledge   |  Contact Us (herein ‘’), is a private firm providing independent currency research and global banking strategies via our bank introductions & bank recommendations consulting services for USA banking, Swiss banking and other banking / currency regions. Our vision is to help companies and individuals to protect assets from currency collapses and banking failures. has established international banking relationships with financial institutions that are SAFE, SECURE and based in a SOUND currency.

At, we are NOT a bank and we do not accept or handle money on behalf of clients. Our bank recommendations consulting services provide names and contacts of banks, financial institutions and others' throughout the world. In addition, our consulting reports sent via email also have general banking information on the region of interest, documentation to be required, a tax comment, declaration and our opinion / comment on best banking strategies as it relates to the client's situation. Our consulting report is purposely set up this way as the most cost effective way whilst maintaining client confidentiality.

Conversely, our private bank introductions services is strictly for those clients with significant assets seeking global banking counsel. Our financial and professional contacts are of the highest integrity. Bank introductions services require full application and declaration process. will quote a consulting fee on a case by case basis reflecting the complexity of the global bank request. Bank introductions services are primarily provided for Switzerland and a select other jurisdictions that fall into this category for high net wealth accounts.

Moreover, our research into analyzing and studying currency movements forms another large aspect of our business. It is this knowledge of currency risk management that we wish for individuals and companies to mitigate currency risk exposure with sound global banking>

Within this new era of global Internet commerce, the world of banking and currencies are changing at a tremendous speed. Further, just as the 20th century witnessed an unprecedented evolution in industry, technology and living standards, the 21st century will see just as a remarkable change in banking & finance. also predicts that by year 2050, the world of money will have only 25 currencies including gold-based Internet currencies which will be far fewer than the current 150 plus currencies in addition to a multiple of digital currencies such as Bitcoin, metals like gold & silver that are currently circulating today.

Today, we are seeing the death of currencies particularly within Europe as more European countries abandon their own national currencies in favour of the common Euroland euro (EUR) currency. The most recent country is that of Lithuania (January 2015) joining the Eurozone becoming the 19th member of the EUR common currency bloc. This currency movement is the beginning of a massive realignment of currencies as the world moves into regional currency blocs. It is very likely that new common currency regions will take hold including the potential arrival of the amero common currency for North America. Other currency blocs may include an Asian union (Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, etc.), a continental African currency union in addition to the current CFA franc which is presently in circulation in West Africa. Other currency regions will include the Japanese yen, Chinese renminbi, the Indian rupee and the Russian ruble to name a few.

Today, it seems that government corruption, regional wars, economic protests marches and currency devaluations are an everyday occurrence now such as the current situation in countries like Nigeria (year 2016), Venezuela (year 2014 - 2017) and Egypt (year 2015 - 2017). One only has to take a quick look at previous episodes of currency and economic instability such as Argentina (year 2000-02). During this time, the middle class got wiped out overnight as the peso crashed and banks became insolvent thus greatly impacting corporations ability to conduct business in Argentina.

Conversely, rapid appreciation in a currency can have devastating consequence as well to companies not prepared for the price volatility. In Canada, significant currency appreciation (year 2002-07) sideswiped the manufacturing heartland of the country in the provinces of Ontario / Quebec resulting in over 200 thousand jobs eliminated. Be aware, large currency depreciations and/or appreciations can greatly impact the financial affairs of your business.

Even today, a too often repetitive pattern is occurring with currency devaluations eroding the purchasing power of innocent citizens within many nations. The world has witnessed hyperinflationary meltdowns in numerous national currencies, remember Weimar Germany in the 1920’s or Brazil in the 1980’s or countries like Turkmenistan in the 1990’s. These catastrophic currency collapses may indeed occur again. Some credible thinkers believe that history repeats itself and/or rhymes.

During periods of time of great instability, national currencies can go in and out of fashion relatively quickly. Over the last 200 years, Germany alone for money use has had the thaler, the gulden, the mark, the rentenmark, the reichsmark, the deutschemark and now finally the euro as their new national currency. Currency crashes can destroy businesses. In the early 1920’s, the German mark was debased as its value was essentially worthless equivalent to four one-billionths to the US-dollar. A loaf of bread in Germany at that time cost 100 million marks.

Currency in the form of paper banknotes was first introduced by the Chinese over 1,000 years ago. And they too experienced mass inflation. Paper money in Persia (now known as ‘Iran’) around the year 1300 resulted in the collapse of their economy and export trade. During the 19th century, France’s assignat currency was debased. Paper money at times is also highly vulnerable to counterfeiting particularly during times of war, more recently in Afghanistan (2001) and in Argentina during the Falkland’s war in the early 1980’s.

History has shown that currency crashes are indeed repetitive events. Responsible fiscal management by government creating an environment for economic stability and growth are key building blocks for nations to advance forward. If governments provide weak leadership mixed with incompetent decision making and corruption, economic instability may take hold. This may ultimately result in a weak banking system for a nation, and the victims quite often it's domestic corporations, companies doing business with the currency zone in difficulty and of course, its citizens.

Our mission at is simple, to help businesses mitigate currency risk while helping those individuals seeking to establish themselves with a banking relationship in either the United States or Switzerland. Visit often to stay at the forefront of macroeconomic and currency developments that may impact your business or your personal life. Come back frequently for the latest currency rates, follow us on Twitter ( and/or monitor our currency opinions via Blogger under the blog name 'World Currency Opinions'.

Our expertise is in international finance, macroeconomics and banking. It is this knowledge of risk management, the economic knowledge and data to identify currencies that may provide harm to your business or individual banking situation that seeks to successfully discover.

The Internet is one of the most profound changes the world has experienced since the invention of the movable type printing press for mass printing by German goldsmith Johann Gutenberg in the year 1455. The Internet now gives the average business & citizen great power – the process of decentralizing economic power.

Today, globalization has integrated the world economically closer than ever before. The decisions and economic events in one part of the world can vastly affect others far away. Now, monies can be wired or transferred anywhere throughout the world at a tremendous speed literally at the click of a computer button. Those banks and currencies that are managed well will now earn your individual trust and be further rewarded**.

This new virtual economy is taking down borders and no longer will governments and their banking systems be able to command the capital of domestic domiciled corporations and their citizens in the same manner as they use to. The speed at which information is being transmitted to corporations and individuals will result in a major economic transformation now unprecedented in history. looks forward to providing a constructive role in this new instant information era as it relates to the world of currencies and global banking.

Very best regards,

**Each country has their own laws & regulations for the movement of monies and establishment of foreign banking relationships. Please consult a tax and legal specialist for your own specific situation.

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